Do you really believe in yoga?

Do you really believe in yoga?

Do you really believe in yoga?

Your yoga practice will get you through the holiday ridiculousness – if you allow yourself to believe.

What does this mean? What does it look like?

Amidst all the over-scheduling, constant output, giving, giving, and more giving there lies a small cry for help from the inside. We ignore this cry—I know I do—until you snap at your kid for eating toast on the couch and getting crumbs everywhere (not exactly a third world problem).

Then you think: How can I possibly fit time in for a class? And if I do will it deplete me even more? Sometimes it is just so hard to find the energy when you are already tired. Really tired.

If you allow yourself to believe in the magic of yoga, a sensation of peace will find its way to you. I promise.

What yoga is not — ego driven, competitive, draining, rushing, busy minded, grasping, keeping up, another thing on your list of things “to do”.

What yoga is — reflective, inward, rejuvenating, love yourself time, space-creating, peace, acceptance, an allowing of “just being”.

When you feel the craziness of the season start to overwhelm you, reflect on what yoga is (because we all get caught up and sometimes forget) — and then sit back, breathe and enjoy the holiday spirit.

You used to believe in Santa — now you can believe in yoga. Phew! That’s a relief.

HO to the power of 3!